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Club Apparel

No club membership is complete without awesome club apparel designed by member Jeff Fey, who also designed the club’s logo. A note on stock for jerseys and shorts: Because the manufacturer requires a minimum quantity of 50 and we ain’t Nordstrom, there will be no jersey orders placed until we have the minimum (talk to Maria about where he’s at with the next one).. All other items can be ordered once we have 5 special orders of each item, and a minimum of $300 total orders. Members are encouraged to order what they want that is not in stock so that we might have an order to put in as soon as possible.


The new kit is here!!



Visit jlvelo’s San Fernando Valley Bicycle Club on line store


SFVBC Arm Warmers – $26.00 *

Size :

SFVBC Knee Warmers – $30.00 *

Size :

SFVBC Vests – $75.00 *

Size :

SFVBC Jackets – $90.00 *

Size :

Cart is empty $0.00

* Stock varies, check with Maria for availability. If we’re out of stock on an item please let Maria know – when she receives 5 requests she will place a new order.

Club Tee : 10L , 2M , 3S
SFVBC Jersey : 2XL , 10L , 5M , 3S
Man’s Bib Shorts Summit : 2L
Man’s Bib Shorts Ascent : 2L
Women’s Bib Shorts Summit : 1L, 2M
Arm Warmers : 6M , 10S
Knee Warmers : 1L , 1M , 2S
Vest : Out of Stock
Jacket : Out of Stock