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Privacy Policy

Any information San Fernando Valley Bicycle Club (“Club”) collects from visitors to this website is treated with strict confidentiality. It is not sold, rented, or distributed to other clubs, companies, agencies, or individuals who are not members of Club. Other members may obtain access to information you provide to Club via the Club Directory (‘Directory’).

Club members may control what personal information is displayed in the Directory, an online and/or printed reference for other members to view. Members may adjust their preferences by logging into their account and visiting the Profile tab on the Members page. Checkboxes allow the selection of which information, if any, they wish to share with other members. By accepting the terms of this policy, you agree to apply the club’s standard of privacy to any member information you access within the Directory, and to accept any liability resulting from a breach thereof. You further agree to not use member information for promotional or commercial purposes.

Financial Information
Club does not maintain records of members’ credit card or other financial data. Financial data may be collected by a third-party e-commerce provider using a secure encrypted connection for membership renewal purposes, purchase of club accessories, or payments for special Club activities.

The possible circumstances which may be considered exceptions to this policy are as follows:

As with any unencrypted internet transmission there is a small possibility that communications may be intercepted by a third party in transit, or by employees of third party contractors such as web hosts or domain name registrars. You agree to indemnify and hold Club harmless for any damages of any kind resulting from such an interception.

Merge of Club
Should Club merge with another entity, your information may be transferred to that entity.

Club will release information it has collected to authorities if so required to fulfill the legal obligations of a court warrant.

We may use the data storage technique known as “cookies” on some pages of our website. “Cookies” are small files placed on your hard drive that assist us in providing certain convenience features. We may also use them to assist in keeping a record of your visits to this website.You are free to decline our cookies if your browser permits, although by doing so you may disable certain features of our website.