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Maria Carrillo Scott O’Connor
David Hunter
VP – Rides
Jory Gorcey
VP – Membership
Robin Shafer
Neil Bernstein
VP – Development
Scott O’Connor


SFVBC encourages interested, motivated individuals to participate in guiding club policy by running for a position on the SFVBC Board of Directors. Do you qualify? You must:

  • Hold membership status in the SFVBC for a minimum of 12 consecutive months prior to taking office.
  • Maintain membership status throughout tenure of office.
  • [Have the] willingness to assume responsibility for all aspects of the office or position.

The duties listed below:

  1. President:
    1. Serves as chairperson of the Board of Directors.
    2. Presides at all meetings of members and of the Board of Directors.
    3. Appoints all committee chairpersons and makes all special assignments, subject to approval of the Board.
    4. Has general supervision of all Club activities.
    5. Executes corporation policy and acts as liaison to other organizations.
  2. Vice President – Rides:
    1. Performs all the duties of the President in his or her absence, and in case of vacancy, becomes President.
    2. Acts as chairperson of the ride planning committee,  maintains the ride files,  and has general responsibility for the ride program.
  3. Secretary:
    1. Records and maintains the minutes of special meetings and meetings of the Board.
    2. Keeps the seal of the Club and related legal documents in safe custody.
    3. Reports to the Board the official communications, inquiries, and requests addressed to the Club, and prepares responses.
  4. Treasurer:
    1. Acts as the chief financial officer of the corporation.
    2. Receives all funds due the Club and pays Club bills in accordance with the budget.
    3. Sets up savings and checking accounts which honor the signatures of the President or Treasurer.
    4. Maintains the books of the corporation and makes them available for inspection by the Board.
    5. Presents for approval by the Board of Directors the proposed budget for the coming year.
  5. Vice President – Membership:
    1. Maintains membership database and resolves technical issues in coordination with Vice President – Social Media
    2. Responds to membership-related accounting inquiries, and resolves disputes
    3. Works with Vice President -Social Media to ensure the confidentiality and security of club members’ personal information, and that it is not distributed or used for purposes not directly associated with SFVBC.
  6. Vice President – Development:
    1. Arranges for leases and permits for Club activities, and proposes and arranges all Club activities (other than regularly scheduled rides).
    2. Any special events proposed by the Vice President – Development requiring the expenditure of club funds or that put club funds at risk must be approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

club history

The official beginning of SFVBC was the formal adoption of the name “San Fernando Valley Bicycle Club” and the publication of the Ride Schedule under the new name for the first time on August 1, 1978, but the club actually started long before.

The SFVBC is actually an offspring of an industrial company bicycle club, which was formed on November 1, 1975. The Club’s name was Crankset Bicycle Club and the company was the Litton Data Systems Division, located in Van Nuys. The original members and their former Crankset Bike Club Officers were: Al Iler, President; Harvey Shore, Vice President; Harvey Ganz, Secretary/Treasurer; Bob French, Jim Mitchell and Sam Pawley.
The Crankset Bicycle Club reached its peak in June of 1976 with a membership of 32, not including spouses and other family members. However, not all 32 members attended the Club’s bike rides, which were scheduled twice each month. We realized that most riders who joined us on rides were non-Litton employees, like John Lukes, Charlotte McDonald, Bob Wong, George Masa and Bert Bivens, to name a few. Consequently, we decided to form a new bike club, which would be independent of any company and free from restrictions and constraints usually imposed by the sponsoring company.

Upon its formation, the name San Fernando Valley Bicycle Club was selected. The original Club officers were as follows: Al Iler, President; Gordon Petit, Vice President; and Charlotte McDonald, Secretary/Treasurer.

Our first Ride Schedule was published under the new name on August 1, 1978. It wasn’t until October 1, 1978 that we required membership dues to help defray operating expenses. An official membership list was established.

Since then, the membership has grown from the original three founders and 12 other charter members to the present dues-paying membership of 500+.

The Club’s ride format has grown from a modest Short and Medium ride schedule twice each month to our current wide range of rides set for every Saturday, Sunday and most holidays. We have attracted members from the entire San Fernando Valley and from other areas in both Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.

*Editor’s Note:
The above article is extracted from the November/December 1979 Newsletter and has been updated and edited.


The club has cancelled its schedule of regular monthly meetings. Much of the purpose of the meetings is now being served by interaction via email, the website, and Facebook.Meetings will be held on an as-needed basis. There are important plans in the works for SFVBC, including (tentatively) holding our first annual club century, holding a club picnic, conducting meet-and-greets at local restaurants, etc. As these plans progress we will be looking for input from club members and will send all members advance notice of any meetings as early as possible.


The following list of rules was made official by board action in September 2015 as the club “credo”. Mostly common sense, the rules are nonetheless critical to members’ safety:

  • Obey all traffic laws
  • Be courteous and “ride friendly”
  • Don’t usurp anyone’s right of way
  • Represent our club and the sport of cycling well
  • Hold your line
  • Ride safely and predictably
  • Call and point out road hazards
  • Help each other out with flats and mechanicals
  • Respect regroup points and break locations
  • Let someone know if you intend to deviate from the route

2017 Candidate Statements:

I would like to announce that I am running for the President position of our club. I think with my years of two wheel experience, and my passion for our club it will make a great mix. I strive for safety, and at the same time I want every member to have fun while we are out exploring the greater Los Angeles area. I think it is important to foster new talent, and to continue to learn from our members that have decades of experience. I would like to incorporate my passion to trying new things with fresh ideas. We are a social endurance bicycle club, and let’s face it I am social, and love to go the distance. We are in a declining time in bicycling, and I want to do my part to help grow our club in a fun, safe, and exciting way.
Thank You,
Scott O’Connor